Bikram Yoga versus Hot Yoga – What’s the Difference?

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Hot Yoga versus Bikram Yoga

Ever wondered what the difference between hot yoga and Bikram yoga is?  You’re not alone!  Continue reading for more detail on these yoga styles, as well as yoga classes you can take at our studio.

What is Hot Yoga?

  • Hot yoga refers to yoga classes taught in a heated room set anywhere between 90 and 105 degrees.
  • Multiple yoga formats fall under the hot yoga category, including Vinyasa, Gentle Flow, Power Flow, Hatha, and much more with postures and sequences varying by class, teacher, and studio.
  • Class durations typically range anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.
  • Based on the instructor and individual studios’ preference, hot yoga classes may include added humidity (up to 40%), music, hands-on instructor adjustments if desired.
  • Studio rooms vary in style and set up and can be set in any preferred lighting, including candlelight.
  • Students may interact with each other and the instructor if desired.


What is Bikram Yoga?

  • Created by Bikram Choudhury in 1973, Bikram yoga classes must always consist of the same 26 yoga postures and two breathing techniques performed in the same order over 90 minutes.
  • These classes must be held in rooms set at 105 degrees with 40% added humidity.
  • Classes are musicless, and cannot incorporate any clapping, hands-on instructor adjustments, or talking among students.
  • All Bikram yoga studios must have carpeted flooring in their studio room, mirrors on the front wall, and bright lighting.
  • Instructors must be certified by Choudhury himself and can only teach Bikram classes at affiliated studios.  

Looking for hot yoga classes?  Come to SoVital Fitness Studios and sign up for class!  We offer unheated, warm, and hot yoga.  Continue reading for more detail on all our formats!


Breathe and Flow
Learn traditional Pranayama yoga breathing techniques as we begin class with the 3-part breath, followed by more advanced styles including Ujjayi, Nadi Shodhana, and Kapalbhati. We will then move through a gentle yoga flow and finish the class with a guided meditation.

Gentle Yoga for a Stronger Back
Join us for a Slow Flow class especially created to relieve and prevent low back pain, sciatica, or pinched nerves along the spine. We will focus on postures that strengthen the core and stretch the muscles that support the spine to reduce unwanted strain in the back. Postural modifications will be offered throughout the class to allow students of all experience levels to benefit. We will end class with an extended Savasana meditation for total relaxation.

Yin Yoga
Allow your body and mind to unwind as you lengthen your muscles, free your fascia, and release stress held in the joints and connective tissues of the body. We will focus on postures that help to rectify muscular imbalances in common areas of pain such as the low back, hips, upper back, and shoulders so that you can combat muscle soreness, fatigue, and achiness. We end class with an extended savasana to promote mental clarity and well-being that you can carry with you off your mat.


Power Flow I
Set between 80 and 85 degrees, this class focuses on the fundamentals needed to develop and deepen your Vinyasa/Power practice including proper posture alignment and effective breathing. Appropriate for all experience levels. We also offer unheated versions of this class, please see the schedule for more detail.

Warm Vinyasa Flow
This class incorporates Vinyasa Flow with poses that stretch, encourage strength building, and challenge balance. We offer modifications and postural variations throughout class so that you can choose posture options that best support your physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Yin and Flow Fusion
Set between 80 and 85 degrees, unite your yang and yin yoga practices all in one class as we incorporate these two opposing yoga styles. We will begin class with our Yin practice, which includes poses generally on the floor held for several minutes, to target larger joints, such as the hips and shoulders. We will then move onto the Vinyasa portion of the class, which includes dynamic breath to movement flows to cultivate energy and heat in the body. Variations will be given throughout the class to allow students of all experience levels to participate. We offer 90-minute and 60-minute class versions, as well as unheated versions of this class.  Please see our schedule for more detail.


Power Flow II
Challenge your yoga practice as we link breath to movement through challenging series of Vinyasa/Power yoga. Set to temperatures between 93 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit with 40% added humidity this class strengthens skills for the regular yogi. We also offer unheated versions of this class, please see the schedule for more detail.

Set between 90 and 95 degrees, this class incorporates Power/Vinyasa yoga, cardio circuits, and strength training using bodyweight resistance and free weights. Set to upbeat music this class will elevate heart rate, increase metabolism, and boost energy levels.


Hot Power Hour
Set between 101 and 105 degrees with 40% added humidity, you’re sure to burn through stress and calories in this 60-minute Slow Power Flow. We focus on postures that build strength and endurance throughout the entire body and evoke mental clarity and focus.  We also offer this class in a candlelight setting to further test your balance, please see our schedule for more detail.

26 AND 2
Using the same 26 postures and two breathing exercises that you may have used in other hot yoga classes, we focus on unique poses that promote healing and wellness of the whole body in 60 minutes. The use of Slow Flow yoga and heat allows students to discover deep mind-body connections and have breakthroughs in the studio, which add balance and flexibility in all other aspects of life. This is a musicless class meant to be used as an open-eyed meditation. Appropriate for all skill and experience levels.


 Have you taken a hot yoga class?  Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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