Cardio Classes

SoVital is new and will be updating it’s schedule as instructors are hired, etc. If there are discrepancies from our printed catalog, refer to our website schedule for our most current class offerings and times. Our apologies for any confusion!

Shake your way into a better mood and groove your way to a firmer body in one of our dance fitness classes! Our program combines dynamic movements and sculpting elements rooted in Pilates, with various dance styles, and upbeat music to give you the cardio boost and strength training needed for the ultimate dancer’s workout. All dance classes are 60-minutes and appropriate for all skill levels. For information on appropriate footwear, please see each class description below.


The fusion of traditional Ballet and Pilates movements with a focus on elongating muscles, this class strengthens major muscle groups, tones the entire body, and improves balance and flexibility. Grip socks and a mat are required for all Barre classes.

Power Barre

Combining the precision focused exercises found in barre with weights, with a cardio twist, we push your comfort zone in this adrenaline pumping, muscle building class. Grip socks and a mat are required for all Power Barre classes.


Designed to effectively raise your heart rate to build stamina and endurance, we incorporate low and high intensity movements with Latin based rhythms and choreography in this exhilarating dance party. Sneakers (indoor use) are required for all Zumba classes.


This one-hour class takes you through a series of free weight, body-weight resistance and low-impact cardio exercises using the 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest Tabata method.  It’s a fierce, result-oriented class that gives your body the results your body is craving!


An intense conditioning class that uses body-weight resistance, free weights, bands, cardio, plyometrics, core work, and yoga to help you build stamina, low-impact aerobic capability, and full-body strength.


Burn fat, improve endurance and speed in this an amazing 45-minute class designed to give you optimal cardio results using high-intensity interval training. We begin with a 5-minute warmup followed by 35 minutes of HIIT using free weights, body-weight resistance, resistance bands and bursts of cardio-intense movements.  We end with a 5-minute stretch and cooldown.


Pilates meets yoga!  This low-impact workout combines the strength-building, toning, and sculpting benefits of Pilates using body-weight resistance with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga.  And, we turn up the speed to deliver fat-burning cardio results.  Appropriate for all skill levels.