Meditation Classes

SoVital is new and will be updating it’s schedule as instructors are hired, etc. If there are discrepancies from our printed catalog, refer to our website schedule for our most current class offerings and times. Our apologies for any confusion!

Bring balance to your mind, body, heart, and soul with one of our meditation classes. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, lessen anxiety and depression, improve sleep, help with chronic pain, and foster a general overall sense of well-being to help you take on life’s daily struggles. Whether you’re a parent, working professional, athlete, child, or teen, SoVital has a class for you!

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing Meditation

Recommended: Yoga Mat, Water Bottle & Comfortable Clothing
Each Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation will start off with a different focus. You set your intention based on what you would like to manifest in your life. As the enchanting sounds of the crystal singing bowls fill you and bring you to a state of deep relaxation, the gentle and loving vibrations align you through your chakras with your higher self. As a Chanteuse de Lumiere (singer of light), Mary may be inspired by her guides to share affirmations, toning and songs based on the needs of individuals and the group as a whole.

Mantra Meditation

RECOMMENDED: Comfortable clothing, water bottle, mala beads.

A Mantra is a series of phrases or words that are sung or chanted during meditation. Mantra meditation uses dedicated words to achieve goals. It is more than a repeated phrase. A mantra provides an array of spiritual, mental, and physical healing for the practicer. It is the energy created in the chanting or singing that makes it a mantra. Mantras give the wandering mind a focal point. They produce a beat and a flow that is easy for the mind and body’s energy system to grasp a hold of. When the mind wants to wander out of the meditative state, the mantra helps bring it back. The rhythm of the mantra provides an easy channel for energy to flow in and out of. If the person meditating knows the meaning of the mantra, it can also deeply improve the effectiveness of the mantra. Join us for this special class taught by Marisa Benson.

Joyful Meditation

Recommended: Water Bottle, a Journal and Comfortable Clothing
In this uplifting class, Maria Skinner will use movement, music, mindfulness and guided imagery to cultivate elevated states of mind, such as joy, peace, compassion and confidence with the goal of integrating these higher vibrations into our bodies in order to bring them more deeply into our lives. Class will begin with a guided meditation to set the tone. Then Maria will transition to movement with music while holding focus on the guided imagery introduced at the beginning of class. She will close out the class with a guided meditation with time dedicated to process the experience. Join us in this moving, fun and very approachable way to meditate.

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Recommended: Yoga Mat, Water Bottle & Comfortable Clothing
There are 7 main energy centers in the body known as chakras. Each chakra correlates to specific body ailments and physical dysfunctions; each energy center also houses our mental and emotional strengths. Join us for seven guided meditations that correspond with and restore balance to each of these energy centers. With sacred acoustics and inspired music compositions that enhance the healing, empowerment and rejuvenation of each individual chakra, this class will provide benefits long after you leave the studio.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of bringing awareness to the present moment in a non-judgemental way. Studies have found that mindfulness offers a wide variety of benefits including stress reduction, improvements in memory, focus, overall mood, cognitive flexibility, relationships with others, and satisfaction with life, as well as decreased negative thought tendencies, blood pressure, and so much more. There are several different types of mindfulness meditation including Breath, Body Scan, Loving-Kindness, Mindful Awareness or Insight (Vipassana), Meditation for a Better Night’s Sleep, and mindful moving classes including Qi Gong and Walking. Please see the descriptions below for more information on each separate class type.


Recommended:  Yoga Mat & Water Bottle
Breathe in relaxation and breathe out tension in this class as we use the breath as an anchor point. We will start with some light stretching to open up through the chest, upper back, and throat to allow for optimal breathing capacity. We will then focus our attention on the breath. This is a practice that can be used at any time.


Recommended:  Yoga Mat & Water Bottle
Improve self-awareness, release mental and physical tension, and relieve chronic stress patterns in our body scan meditation. In this class, we will bring our attention to each part of the body in the present moment, systematically starting with the toes and ending with the crown of the head. By observing our physical experiences without judgment, we allow ourselves to open up to a deeper understanding of our unique mind-body connection and how to better respond to our physical and emotional cues and triggers.


Recommended:  Yoga Mat & Water Bottle
Also known Metta-Meditation, this class helps develop an attitude of kindness for ourselves and others. We often live with feelings of guilt, fear, shame, or judgment that keep us from realizing our potential and fully appreciating the potential in others. Loving-kindness meditation allows us to take a step back and view ourselves and others with compassion, free of judgement , which can decrease suffering. It is truly life changing!


Recommended:  Yoga Mat, Comfortable Clothing & Water Bottle
This class is a powerful antidote to automatic thinking. During our mindful awareness meditation, we will focus on gentle and curious observation of thoughts, feelings, or sensations that arise, and seek to allow them to pass without judgment. By being aware of the internal dialogue, we can begin to gain insight into our habits, reactions, and our relationships to those around us. We will work on improving the mind’s abilities to stay in the present moment, which can free the mind from rehashing and ruminating about the past or future. This allows us to better utilize our mental energy.


Recommended:  Yoga Mat, Comfortable Clothing/ Shoes & Water Bottle
In this class, mindful attention will be brought to the experience of slow, steady walking. This type of meditation is particularly beneficial for those who have difficulty sitting.


Recommended:  Yoga Mat, Comfortable Clothing & Water Bottle
Qigong is a holistic system of coordinated body postures with movement, breathing, and meditation.  Qigong promotes improvements in overall health and well-bring by supporting the body’s natural tendency to return to balance and equilibrium, while gently creating strength, flexibility and balance in the muscles and joints through gentle flowing movements.


Recommended:  Yoga Mat, Comfortable Clothing & Water Bottle
Ward off sleepless nights, and achieve the many wonderful benefits of a good night’s rest including improved concentration, creativity, and mood, as well as reduced inflammation, and much more. We use a combination of yin yoga and guided meditation to help you release tension and unwind so you can fall asleep faster and improve your quality of sleep.

Reflective Journaling Meditation:  30 Minutes

Required:  Journal & Pen or Pencil  //  Recommended:  Yoga Mat, Comfortable Clothing & Water Bottle
Work through mental stress and release the tension of daily life a safe space using reflective journaling. We will begin class with a short breath meditation, followed by mindful meditation to give you the creative space to tune into your mind.