My Experience With Meditation

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Written by Guest Blogger, Kate, creator of Rebel Happy

My Experience With Meditation
I mentioned meditation in my Happiness ebook, so I wanted to talk more about my experience with it. I found meditation when I was looking for a resolution to being unhappy and unproductive at work. I was at a company for almost three years and had been unhappy for the last six months of it. Once I left for a new job, I was certain things would improve, and that I would get the motivation and passion for working again, doing something new.

This proved to not be true.

I found myself sitting at my desk in my third week there so bored out of my mind I thought my brain was melting. I had some work to do but had zero motivation to start any of it. I realized I had to break myself out of this stupor or else I would be miserable forever (not to mention I could lose this new job). I realized that it was not the job or the company that was making me unmotivated, it was something within myself that was off.

One day, I was reading the weekly email my company sends out about upcoming events. I saw a professional development opportunity workshop on there called “Mindfulness, Meditation, and Relaxation.” Meditation was something I’d always been interested in but never really gave it a solid try, so the workshop caught my eye and I signed up. It was only two hours long, but it was good enough to make an impression on me.

I immediately ended up reading about meditation and mindfulness for the rest of the day. I wasn’t sure if it would solve all of my problems, but it seemed worth a try. I downloaded a free guided meditation app (Headspace, later that night to help me with my first time trying it.  In the beginning, I didn’t stick to it as much as I wanted to. I did it a few days in a row, and I honestly felt great, I could feel a slight difference in my attitude. Then of course life got busy, and I went about a week without doing it. You can’t feel bad about that I learned though, just realize it and then start again…

My Results So Far:
It’s been months since I’ve started meditating now, and even if I’m totally unproductive one day and feeling bad about what I did or didn’t do; I can just meditate for 10 minutes that day and feel accomplished. That day wasn’t a waste, just 10 minutes of meditation a day builds up gradually and settles your mind.
I have more focus at work, I’m getting more done. I’m tackling things that I’ve been putting off, and accomplishing them pretty easily. I’m also remembering things more easily and feeling more of a sense of calm more often.

My Opinion?
Meditation is worth it. It doesn’t take much time and effort, but it has real results if you do it frequently. There are plenty of studies showing how good it is for you, plus there are no negative effects of trying it, so why not?

How To Do It:

  • Download a guided meditation app (I recommend Headspace) and try it out.
  • Find a studio in your area that offers sessions.
  • Search for a guided audio track on Spotify, iTunes, or Youtube.

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What are your experiences with meditation?  Do you have a favorite meditation app you like to use?  Share with us in the comments below.

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