This is how I found SoVital. I was exiting a trial class at a neighboring gym – not feeling that great – when I noticed a stream of cheerful, confident women exiting and entering glass doors while carrying…yoga mats! Ugh. Yoga mats! Up until then, my experience with yoga was that the classes felt excruciatingly long, and I didn’t even break a sweat.

Let me rewind to my previous group/gym exercise experiences: Jane Fonda style in the 80’s, weight-training and running in the 90’s, kick-boxing in the new millennium, then I stopped exercising and gained 75 unwanted pounds. By the time I reached the SoVital parking lot, I had finally lost 60 of the unwanted pounds, and my exercise consisted of riding a recumbent bike in my basement and walking. I knew I needed to make a change in my exercise routine in order to lose those last 15 pounds and to tone and lengthen my muscles. I also thought exercising with others would be a healthy and motivating lifestyle change.

And I kept thinking about the women I saw carrying mats outside of SoVital. They had something I wanted. They had a look about them – an aura. And I wanted it. So… I took my yoga mat out from under the stationary bike (yes, that’s why my mat has those permanent black lines on it) and began the two-week trial classes at SoVital. And it has been one of the best decisions of my life! During the two- week trial, I took EVERY class I could! It was like a two-week stay at a resort spa! (Except I had to drive home.). Any concerns about slow classes or breaking a sweat were quickly dissolved in my first few Sculpt and Inferno Pilates classes!

You know how folks say that losing the last 15 pounds is the hardest? Well, I got super lucky. Thanks to SoVital, they were the easiest and the most fun to lose. What never ceases to amaze me is the variety and frequency of outstanding classes. I can’t count the number of times I have reluctantly tried a new class because I couldn’t make my “regular” class — only to find out how much I LOVE that new class!

The same thing happened when I had a fluke injury from a household accident. I turned to different classes, and it was serendipity! Turned out I really needed those classes. And you know what – all those different classes enable me to “trick my body”! I think that is one of the primary reasons I’ve been able to keep my weight off.

While tricking my body, I can also center my mind at SoVital. I remember one particular Vinyasa Flow Class that was so powerful – I cried – but in a good way. Ahhh — centering the mind — Studio 3. Just thinking about that room makes me feel peaceful. In the first week, I finally learned how to take a deep breath. I’ve been to quite a few resort spas over the years, and studio 3 is right up there with the best of them.
Congratulations SoVital on your first successful year!

– Donna Carlson

I have been an avid gym rat for more than 20 years. I enjoy playing tennis, dancing, boxing, going to the gym, and all kinds of hard-core fitness. I am open to challenging and beneficial exercises that help strengthen the body, the mind and the spirit; there are no boundaries in my exploration of fitness.

In the past, I have joined various gyms and have gone through many fitness programs. However, when I discovered Bikram yoga, I started looking for a gym that not only provided a hot room for this practice, but also included a well-rounded fitness program.The opening of SoVital last year helped bring my search to an end. SoVital offers a broad spectrum of disciplines that range from yoga to Pilates to Zumba and meditation. Out of all of the classes, I particularly enjoy “26 and 2”. “26 and 2” is an hour and a half of Bikram yoga, a style of yoga practiced around the world. This is the hottest and most intense yoga class. I love the intense concentration the class demands, and the powerful strength and flexibility it rewards me with. With streams of sweat dripping of my arms, legs and back, I know my body is working hard and I enjoy this sensation. When my legs are finally able to kick back and reach over my head during the standing bow-pose, when I lock eyes with myself in the front mirror, I know that I have succeeded. I am one step closer to bettering myself! This realization brings so much joy and drives me to push further. No matter how many times I attend this class, there are always more things to improve on, poses to perfect, a mind to clear. It brings so much motivation to my exercise regime, and I look forward to class every single time.Besides “26 and 2”, other classes I enjoy are “Inferno Hot Pilates”, “Sculpt”, “Hot Vinyasa Flow”, “Hot Power Hour”, “HIIT”, and “P90X” to name a few.

Each class puts forth a unique discipline and focuses on different muscle groups. By combining all of them, I am able to reap the maximum benefits physically and mentally.SoVital also brings me and my daughters closer. Coming to the classes together and doing all the exercises side-by-side strengthens our bond so much. We have more common topics to talk about. We exchange knowing glances and smiles, tease, roll-eyes and poke each other occasionally during the class. And afterwards we discuss the workout techniques and poses. It is such a fun family activity we all enjoy very much. There is no place like SoVital where we could share this unique experience together.

Of course, these wonderful classes would not be possible if not for the amazing instructors and personnel. Each and every one of the instructors are helpful, professional, motivated, and passionate. They step out of their way to make sure our class is perfect, whether it is by bringing hot tea, preparing cold lavender towels for after class, or decorating the rooms for the holidays/special occasions. From little to grandeur gestures, they express care and thoroughness. These are the key elements that make me return to class again and again – to learn from the best instructors who never fail to make class a great experience. Every time I walk through SoVital’s door and see the friendly and smiling faces greeting me, I feel welcomed with a sense of community. With its one year anniversary fast approaching, I sincerely believe SoVital will continue to blossom and provide the best fitness experiences with its excellent management team and dedicated trainers. Thank you for changing my life for the better!

– Marilyn Li

I love SoVital and it has positively changed my life since joining a year ago. It is my home away from home. I practice six to seven days a week doing anywhere from one to three classes a day. Previous to joining SoVital, I paid for a membership at a local gym that I never used unless my wife pleaded with me then dragged me there under protest. Now my wife sometimes has to ask me to take a break from going to SoVital so we can have dinner and relax together during an evening.

One nice thing about SoVital is its diversity of offerings and diverse time schedule. There is something for everyone regardless of their schedules. A person can have the ultimate mind and/or body experience of their choice. I used to frequent a few different places in order to get my complete mind and body experience, but now I have everything I need a SoVital – Yoga, Meditation, Crystal Bowls (Sound Bath), etc. My wife and I both work so we frequent the early morning 5:45am practices and then the evening practices. When our daughter comes home from college for a short stay, she will buy class cards and attend practices during the morning and day. When our daughter comes home for extended stays, she buys the student membership which works out great. I love when our daughter is home and the whole family is doing a practice together. Each of the members of my family has stepped out of their comfort zone on many occasions to try a class that we have never tried before. A person can learn a lot about their body and mind by being versatile and open-minded. Previous to joining SoVital, I had never done yoga before. Now I love it and it is my mainstream activity at SoVital.

In addition to the diversity of offerings and schedule, let me tell you what really makes SoVital so special – it’s owner, instructors and member community. Thanks to Kerri’s vision, solid business plan and strategic location, we have this wonderful place to go to and be. Kerri always welcomes feedback and suggestions from the member community and follows through on them. The team of practitioners Kerri has assembled is amazing.  Their personalities are wonderful and unique just like their styles of practice. They are able to keep their practices fresh and deliver practices catered to all abilities from beginner to advanced. The member community is diverse, friendly and always smiling.

Since I have joined SoVital, my weight is down and my strength, endurance and flexibility have increased immensely. Aside from being home with my family, SoVital is my happy place that I am grateful for.

– Greg Lindquist

My name is Matt Rosi and towards the end of 2017 I found myself in unfamiliar territory. My second child was experiencing developmental delays across many different areas and for the first time I began to experience high levels of anxiety. As I researched how to handle it, I turned to fitness. Fitness to me up to that point was achieved through traditional means. That meant sports like basketball or tennis, or prototypical gym activities like running and weight lifting.Weeks in I still wasn’t seeing any improvement in my mental state or anxiety. I had tried meditation off and on, but wasn’t able to maintain it by myself. That is when I saw that SoVital Fitness Studios was opening at The Point. Having never tried yoga, and been unsuccessful with meditation, I decided to give it a try. One week in I knew it was the solution.

I tried many of the classes that were offered during the two week trial period and fell in love with yoga. Some of the early classes were the first things to help with my anxiety in months. I began to focus on the meditation and yoga classes, and each night or morning I would enter extremely anxious, and leave able to go about the rest of my day. The entire SoVital community were extremely welcoming. From Kerri, the owner, to the teachers, to the other members, it became my sanctuary during a difficult time.

My life changed significantly over the course of 2018. My child progressed quickly and while I still attend several yoga and meditation classes, my anxiety and mental health became less of an issue, and my physical fitness became more of a priority. The beauty of SoVital is that with the wide range of classes offered each and every day, instead of needing to seek out a different outlet to achieve physical fitness, I just began attending some of the classes I didn’t early in my membership. Classes like Inferno Pilates became ones that I turned to. They represent some of the most physically challenging activities I have ever taken part in.

One year later I am happier than ever to have SoVital Fitness Studios in my life. It could not have come along at a more pivotal time for me, and it continues to get better and better with each passing month. They are very receptive to their members, continue to evolve, and really do offer something for everyone. Whether I need an intense workout, or a place to center myself, SoVital is there for me. I encourage anyone to give SoVital a try. You will be glad that you did.

– Matt Rosi