Workshops & Series

SoVital is new and will be updating it’s schedule as instructors are hired, etc. If there are discrepancies from our printed catalog, refer to our website schedule for our most current class offerings and times. Our apologies for any confusion!


SoVital Yoga workshops and series are an opportunity to enrich your learning experience beyond the scope of drop-in classes. The many different types of Yoga allow for a varied and inspiring schedule of programs that transform and rejuvenate. Whether you are an experienced yogi or this is your first time practicing, you can create your perfect experience. With a variety of instructors and class sizes you will be sure to find something that fits you.


SoVital Pilates workshops and series teach how to effectively use Pilates-based skills to address very specific areas in your physical life. Our guest instructors work with special populations as well as all levels and abilities. The classes focus on fascia and anatomy, bone health, back care, shoulders, recovery from injury, runners, balance, etc. You will feel supported in your goals and the pursuit of a stronger and more flexible body.


If you need that extra push of inspirational messaging coupled with highly-motivating coaching to get through a workout, you will love the positive vibes and rewarding lessons of our cardio workshops. Each instructor brings exceptional experience and passion to their program. We will explore methods of fitness that really get your heart pumping and build strength and flexibility while honing your sense of self. Join us for some powerful and extremely rewarding programs.


At SoVital we believe that when you are strongly connected to self, your relationship to everything around you improves. It’s a ripple effect. Our meditation workshops and series provide you with practical and proven strategies that you can implement immediately in to your daily life. We focus on programs that dig deeper in to traditional disciplines as well as introduce more modern approaches to meditation. We encourage newcomers and seasoned practicers alike.


Our Tai Chi and Martial Arts workshops and series focus on the complete development of self. You will develop strength, flexibility, stamina, increased energy, mental calmness, and an overall balanced mental and physical condition. Anyone can train, regardless of age or ability level. All you need is a desire for learning.