Our Workshops

SoVital is new and will be updating it’s schedule as instructors are hired, etc. If there are discrepancies from our printed catalog, refer to our website schedule for our most current class offerings and times. Our apologies for any confusion!

Meditation Practice Intensive Workshop

Guest Speaker: Carla Leone  //  First Saturday of Each Month:  (10/6),  (11/3)  &  (12/1)  //  Time: 10:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.  //  Price: $85

Come learn about the various forms of mindfulness meditation, the science behind why it works to calm the body and relax the mind, and how to get started. In this workshop, you will learn: Introduction to Meditation:

  • Why meditate? What are the benefits?
  • What is mindfulness?
  • What are the hindrances to mindfulness?

Instruction in Meditation:

  • Calm Meditation: focus on breathing, anchor points;
  • Body Scan Meditation.

Discussion of Benefits of Meditation Shown by Research in Neuroscience:

  • Meditation actually transforms the brain in ways that help with self-regulation, increased ability to cope with stress, and increased inner tranquility

Instruction in Meditation:

  • Metta (Loving-Kindness Meditation)
  • Walking Meditation

*Please note that the workshop dates above are run individually and therefore, the purchase rate includes the attendance to your selected date only.  Thank you!

Kundalini Yoga

Guest Speaker: John Hunt  //  2nd Saturday of Each Month – 2 Hour Specialty Class:  11/10/18  &  12/8/18  //  Time: 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.  //  Price: $65/Class (Mo. Members $25 per Class)

About Kundalini

Kundalini Yoga uses asanas (posture), Mudra (hand positions), Pranayam (breath), and Mantra to strengthen the nervous system, balance the glands, and stimulate the vast energy reserves of the human system.

What is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini energy shows up very practically as an increase in emotional stability, physical energy, mental acuity, and creativity.  It has, of course, many esoteric implications, but where the rubber meets the road is an enhancement of awareness and enjoyment in all aspects of your daily life.

What happens when I release Kundalini energy?

When Kundalini energy is released, it travels up the spine, activating the chakras, and out the top of the head building the aura.  It can heal your diseases, clear away your troubles, and elevate awareness.  It can make you so radiant and luminous that you truly light up the room.  You may feel sensations and that is okay.  Be aware of your body and be conscious of the changes you are going through.

“What is Kundalini? It is the whole energy of the cosmos in the individual and beyond the individual.  It is the energy of consciousness.  Without the constant flow of that energy, you could not live.  With a large flow, your mind begins to flow and awaken.  You stop living in imaginary realities and become very dutiful to the task and joy of life. You experience it when energy of the glandular system combines with the nervous system to create such sensitivity that the brain in its totality receives signals and integrates them.  A new clarity accompanies your perception, thought, and intuition.  Normally you use a small portion of the brains potential.  When Kundalini awakens, one understands the effect and impact of an action at the beginning of a sequence of action and reaction.  He has the choice to take an action or not.  In other words, a person become totally and wholly aware.  That is why it is called ‘the yoga of the awareness.'” Yogi Bhajan